Renovation Services

Morals General Contracting LLC – Renovation with Qualified Experts:

It is a known fact that the surroundings of your living space affect your mood and mental health to a significant extent. Living or working space renovation is a necessity time to time not only to give the surrounding a fresh and newly updated renovated space but because renovation helps in reducing long term damage such wall texture, wall painting, deformed furniture, scraping surfaces etc. Therefore it is reliable and smart renovation servicing is necessary for the long term benefit and longevity of the living or working space and its surrounding facilities

From the expertise of our design professionals that work hand in hand with the developers and architectural engineers, we provide our clients with the best and most feasible renovation design models that is best suited for the their given space. Extensive and thorough  renovation consultations are done with our clients to ensure we are provide excellent design and renovation support to curate a living and working space as exuberant and of high quality to the customer preferences.

Morals General Contracting LLC in a renowned Italian contracting and designing company that specializes in several entities such and renovation and refurbishment services to provide a whole integrated and immaculate servicing.

Some of our popular renovation services within the UAE can be seen in Rixos Premium Hotels and Resort in Abu Dhabi and Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi which is a monumental museum in Abu Dhabi.

Our renovation services vary from commercial and residential spaces such as apartment renovation, villa renovation, office renovation, compound renovation, hospital renovation, hotel renovation, studio renovation, any indoor renovation (bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation), any outdoor renovation (patio renovation, garden renovation) etc.

Our goal is to create modern renovated designs that truly reflect our company values which is providing excellent and top quality renovation designs and services while ensuring client preferences are met and further excelling to their needs. We aim to achieve great excellence and with our drive for quality servicing and with our expert renovation professionals, Morals General Contracting LLC is one of the leading interior designing and renovation service providing companies in Abu Dhabi.

First step to renovating your living space to a wholesome design makeover is booking a consultation with the renovation design team of experts of Morals GC.

We will provide you with extensive renovation detailing suitable to your preferences and that is best suited for the given area.

Our goal is to provide to provide excellent renovation services using reliable and advanced technological tools and facilities while maintaining an appropriate budget.

Superior living space and luxury designs on a budget, isn’t that everyone’s dream of a smart renovation space?

Renovation is an integral part not just for our homes, but for offices, garages, shops, clinics etc. We provide full renovation services for:

  • Full-Home Renovations
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Floor Tiling Work

How Does the Renovation Service Work?

 Step 1: Enquiry: The first step is to enquire with our team, and they are always available for you.

Step 2: Inspection by Trained Engineer: Our engineer inspects the house and does a thorough check.

Step 3: Packages shared with customers & Finalizing: Once the engineers have inspected the property, we share our packages with customers. They can choose as per their needs.

Step 4: Initial Booking and Advance: Once the package is finalized, you can make the booking with us and pay the advance.

Step 5: Structural Inspection & Survey: Our engineers do a second check, and this time a structural inspection and carry out a survey.

Step 6: Drawing & Design Discussion: We provide the drawing discussion by keeping our clients in the loop.

Step 7: Main Agreement Signing: Once the drawing and designing is finalized, the main agreement is signed.

Step 8: Project Schedule, creation & Execution: After deciding with the client, we finalize the project schedule and the dates.

Step 9: Progress Tracking: At every step, we track the progress of the process and tale corrective measures if needed.

Why Morals General Contracting LLC?

There are multiple reasons you can rely on us for, some of them are:

  • High-Quality Standards: The entire team is focussed and determined to provide high-quality standards, and we thrive our superior services. We use materials which are certified, and at the same time, we provide quality artistry.
  • Hassle-Free Experience: We believe in renovation services that are hassle-free to our clients. Right from the imagination to the completion, we inspect every stage of renovation and prioritize customer satisfaction.
  • Technology: We have an effective tech-enabled platform that helps in streamlining the renovation service. Right from the payment to different reports, the customers have access to every credible information.
  • On-Time Completion: We are very strict with our timelines and adhere to the deadline strictly. We deliver every project of ours on time and also keep our clients in the loop by discussing the progress and keeping the service transparent.