Facility Management Services Abu Dhabi

Morals General Contracting LLC is the Leading Facility Management Services Company in Abu Dhabi and Across the United Arab Emirates.

Established in the UAE since 2010, Morals General Contracting LLC is an Italian independent total facilities management and Civil Construction company.

Morals General Contracting LLC aims to provide excellent facility management services with the aid of our top professionals and modern technological tools and equipment.

Facility Management Services Abu DhabiOur integrated facility management services Include Building Maintenance, Construction Facility Management, Disinfection Services, Pest Control Services, Water Tank Cleaning Services, General and Commercial Cleaning Services.


These services are provided Across several sectors including all types of private and governmental Offices, Hospitality, Banking, Retail, Shopping Malls, Villas, Residential Flats, and Apartments.

Provision of quality services is our utmost priority and at every step of the servicing process; we evaluate what is best suited for our clients along with their personal requirements integrated within the scope of the facility servicing plan.

As mentioned in our company slogan ‘building the future, restoring the past’, our work reflects upon our company values and mission. Due to our robust work ethics, adhering to and combining safe and secure environmental practices and laws (HSE requirements), Morals general contracting LLC has acquired several notable ISO certifications in Abu Dhabi for top quality facility management services. Continuous improvement with constant quality deliverables is why we have a strong and loyal customer base.

Disinfection: There is no doubt about the fact that the surroundings around you should always look clean. But as and when time passes, the air we breathe gets contaminated due to the presence of multiple microorganisms. Due to such toxic organisms, there is a constant threat to the health of the individuals living inside the house, working in offices, shops, garages, etc. Hence, due to this reason, there is a need of the hour for disinfection services in Abu Dhabi. With the help of a professional Vehicle disinfection service provider, you can also put a full stop to the contagious diseases spreading around you. As it is always that ‘Precaution is better than cure’, we advise you to get in touch with professional disinfection services Company. Get in touch with Morals General Contracting LLC, Abu Dhabi, which is known to provide the best disinfection services throughout the UAE.

Pest Control: When it comes to the best pest control service in not just Abu Dhabi but the whole of UAE, Morals General Contracting LLC indeed is one name that is the most demanding one by the residents. Due to its high-quality services at affordable rates, the company indeed is the market leader. The entire team at Morals General Contracting LLC is fortunate enough to be able to serve a plethora of customers and help them get rid of the pests at the earliest.

Our workforce, products, and processes are also effective and out of the box. The primary goal of Morals General Contracting LLC since its inception has been Customer Satisfaction, and we have always abided by our core values. Each of our methods is approved by the governing bodies of Abu Dhabi and follows the mandatory quality standards.

Water Tank Cleaning:  One should always be careful about keeping their surroundings clear. However, in this process, we do not realize that our water tanks do require regular cleaning, and we indeed tend the water cleaning service for granted. Either individual start cleaning their water tank on their own or hire a handyman to do so, and this is not indeed the way to get your water tanked clean properly.

When it comes to water tank cleaning, you do need professional water tank service in Abu Dhabi. Our entire team at Morals General Contracting LLC provides excellent water tank service. We consist of a team of highly skilled professionals who have been in this industry for decades now and have the relevant tactics to clean up the water tanks thoroughly.

ELV Thermal Fitting: The pandemic caused due to the COVID-19 virus has created havoc in the entire world. Every country is on the go today to fight this virus and ensure the citizens are safe from this danger. Some basic norms have been running in the business, such as masking or social distance, to prevent the virus from affecting them.

If temperature screening solutions are set up in buildings such as offices, shops, schools, etc., it can become easier to monitor the staff’s symptoms. Currently, the ELV Thermal Fittings provided by Morals General Contracting LLC is the most accurate and useful solution that can help prevent the virus from spreading.

At Morals General Contracting LLC, we help many organizations out there, not just Abu Dhabi but the whole of UAE, to set up ELV Thermal Fittings with high-end technology. The primary purpose behind setting up is to screen all the individuals entering the organization.


Building Maintenance: The experts at Morals General Contracting LLC are there to cater to all your needs of building maintenance and repair needs as they have the perfect solution to all the problems you are facing.

On-Site Commercial Property: Our On-site commercial building maintenance services generally are for the larger buildings that require full-time assistance. We provide building maintenance services to buildings that are as high as 25,000 square feet along with systems that the following:

  • Up-keep of plumbing
  • Mechanical and electrical systems

Small property building maintenance service: We also offer the repair and maintenance service to the smaller buildings that do not require assistance every day, but still require periodic building maintenance and cleaning services. We offer on-demand services, as our experts are just a call away.

The kind of properties that come under our bracket for providing small maintenance services, include: maintenance services, include:

  • Small retail locations
  • Trade schools
  • Trade fairs
  • Field sales offices