Where murals originated from and where they are now

Mural-designing typesWhere murals originated from and where they are now:

Murals have been around for centuries, the technique of using murals dates all the way back to prehistoric cave paintings such as those in the south of France, the ancient Egyptians painting murals on tomb walls and even the ancient Greeks made regular use of frescos and other murals. In recent times murals are mainly appearing in domestic interiors such as homes using wallpaper murals and in public buildings.

Using murals


Modern murals whether it be abstract or realistic can be used in various placements such as hallways, outdoor rooms, children’s rooms, basements, bedrooms, foyers and homes in general. Because of how eye-catching they are they can be used to fill large blank or unused areas to make them unique and to personalize the chosen space.

 Types of murals


Tile murals:


Tile murals originate from ancient times; however, they are still frequently used today made up of mosaics or hand painted tiles. Tile murals can be used for kitchen

backsplashes, bathroom floors, shower walls and even as frames

around doorways or mirrors.


Wall paper murals:


Wallpaper murals are one of the most popular types of murals in recent years as the themes are endless, these can mimic a hand painted mural but can also feature photographic quality images. Wallpaper murals are very easy to

install and can come in many dimensions including wall size, door size and

accent size.

Hand painted murals:


Hand painted murals are a very detailed and artistic type of mural, these can range from a very simple design to a complex one. These are popular because of the idea that you can personalize it to whatever design you’d desire that may not have even been done before.